StackSlider:一个有趣的3D JQuery图片幻灯片

StackSlider:一个有趣的3D JQuery图片幻灯片
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StackSlider is a highly experimental jQuery image slider plugin that explores a different and fun viewing concept for thumbnails, utilizing CSS 3D transforms and perspective. The idea is to navigate through two piles of images where the transition resembles an item being lifted off from the top of the stack and moved/rotated to the center of the container to be viewed. The previously viewed image falls on the opposite stack.


Please note that this is highly experimental and not fully tested. And obviously the 3D effect just works in supporting browsers. The fallback is simply showing and hiding the images when navigating. The effect looks smoothest in WebKit browsers.



  1. <ul id="st-stack" class="st-stack-raw"> 
  2.     <li> 
  3.         <div class="st-item"> 
  4.             <a href=""> 
  5.                 <img src="images/1.jpg" /> 
  6.             </a> 
  7.         </div> 
  8.         <div class="st-title"> 
  9.             <h2>Graverobber</h2><h3>by Isaac Montemayor</h3> 
  10.         </div> 
  11.     </li> 
  12.     <li> <!-- ... --> </li> 
  13.     <li> <!-- ... --> </li> 
  14.     <li> <!-- ... --> </li> 
  15.     <!-- ... --> 
  16. </ul> 


  1. $( '#st-stack' ).stackslider(); 

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