JQuery 3D图像画廊,放大标题盒子

JQuery 3D图像画廊,放大标题盒子
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Today we want to share another 3D experiment with you: a gallery room in 3D. The idea is to create a realistic environment for an image exposition using CSS 3D transforms. Images are “hanged” along a wall which will have an end. Once the end of the wall is reached, a rotation will happen and we’ll be turned to the next wall whith more images. To give a real sensation of being in a room, we only have four walls and corners. Each image will have a little description tag with a small-sized font and when clicking on it, a larger version will appear from below.

今天我们想要分享另一个3 d试验你:一个画廊的房间在3 d。这个想法是建立一个现实的环境使用CSS图像博览会3 d变换。图像是“绞死”沿着墙将结束。一旦达到结束的墙,一个旋转将发生,我们将转向下墙已有图像。给一个真实的感觉在一个屋子里,我们只有四个墙壁和角落。每个图像将会有一个小的描述标签与一个小型字体,当点击它,就会出现一个更大的版本从下面。

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