jqPuzzle – Customizable Sliding Puzzles

jqPuzzle – Customizable Sliding Puzzles


jqPuzzle lets you easily create sliding puzzles for your web page. Select an image, put it in your page, and add some magic – jqPuzzle will automatically turn it into a full-blown sliding puzzle.

If you want, you can highly customize (number of rows/cols, hole position, initial appearance, controls, animation speeds) and style your sliding puzzle according to your needs. The interface is available in several languages, and you can add your own texts on the fly.

jqPuzzle can be used in three ways: The easiest one is to simply add a class name to your image. Additionally, a CSS micro format (which is nothing but a second class name) allows you to control the basic properties of your puzzle. Finally, you can use the jqPuzzle()-method to get full control over all settings.



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