Fx Queues

Fx Queues


The jQuery Fx Queues plugin is a global queueing system that
allows to enqueue effects of different elements, but also keeps jQuery’s default
queueing option.

A wait argument was also added to be able to
specify the time to wait before starting the animation.

New arguments added to animate:

  • queue: (string) Name of the queue. If it doesn’t exist, it creates the new queue.
  • scope: (string) Name of the scope.
  • position: (”front”|”end”) Queue position where animation (or scope, if passed) is queued.
  • preDelay: (int) Milliseconds to wait before starting the next in queue.
  • postDelay: (int) Milliseconds to wait after finishing the animation.

Working with the queues

Now you have a $.fxqueues(”queueName”) to get the queue. The object has three useful methods:

  1. $.fxqueues(”queueName”).pause() 
  2. $.fxqueues(”queueName”).start() 
  3. $.fxqueues(”queueName”).stop() (The queue is cleared.) 


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