Dynamic Grid—可自定义行列的JQuery动态网格展示插件

Dynamic Grid—可自定义行列的JQuery动态网格展示插件
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Dynamic Grid是一款可自定义行列的JQuery动态网格展示插件

You have surely seen the latest cool visualization of Google Trends, where the latest hot searches from Google Trends are shown in a colorful grid and where you can control the amount of items with a little grid control in the top left corner.


Regardless of the great swipe effect in the grid boxes, we really loved the idea of changing a layout dynamically with a control. Another great thing is that the boxes’ dimensions are percentage-based which makes them fluid. We couldn’t help but wonder how it would look if we’d added transitions to the grid where we could actually see what’s happening when changing from a let’s say 5 × 5 layout to a 2 × 3 one.


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