jqSajax is PHP Class to build jQuery Plugin. You can export PHP Function, your personal function, your method, or your PHP Class and call it from Javascript directly with Ajax.You can get the result directly without reloading it.

var result=$.x_phpfunction(var1,var2);
or you can call like:
var result=$.x_object_method(var1,var2);
Example: to call helloworld($var1,$var2) function in PHP , you can write input button like this:
<input type="button" onclick="alert($.x_helloworld('jhon','28'))" />

jQuery Ajax return a page (data type is XML,JSON,text,script,html,etc), jqSajax return the result of PHP function/method you call. the variable type is the same the variable type in PHP. you can pass all variable types: array,string,number,boolean from javascript to PHP and vice versa. with jqSajax you can pass and get array (from javascript to PHP and vice versa) easier.

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