jQuery.YAV is a new plugin for to integrate YAV form validation with jQuery, making the form validation more easy, accessible, usable and W3C standard. Now you can validate forms with a more easy form, and if you like, you can get all the power of the custom and extended setting of this plugin, setting more complex validations. jQuery.YAV add also, a little bug repair for YAV library for multiple values in class attribute and not requires yav-config.js file.
Some of features of jQuery.YAV:

  • Show errors in fields
  • Simple pre-defined and custom rules setting using class names
  • Relations between fields (and, or and implies rules)
  • Field validation on event list (change, blur, or any valid event)
  • Custom visualization of the errors
  • Functions onError and onOk for post-validation code and AJAX submittions

author: Jose Francisco Rives Lirola (SeViR)


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