wrapSelection wraps highlighted text with valid XHTML span tags and returns as a jQuery object for chaining additional commands.

Originally designed to allow end users to select text (highlight text with their mouse) and change the background style. Unlike other solutions that apply to the whole element, this creates XHTML compliant span tags around the selection area.


Cross Browser Selections (tested in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari)

Create function getRangeAt() to return custom range object

Create a custom class to identify selections

Ability to restrict selectable area to a tag (single element)

jQuery plugin with limited chaining ability

Must create XHTML compliant code

Snaps to begining and end or word if selected in the middle of the word

Visit for a practical example of this plugin.


Example Breakdown of Plugin

The following is a basic html p tag and "|" marks the start and the end of the selection.

examp|le.Use the following jQuery:

  1. $(document).ready(function(){ 
  2.   $('p').bind("mouseup"function(){ 
  3.       $().wrapSelection().addClass('h1'); 
  4.   });  
  5. }); 

The following is the HTML results:

  1. <p> 
  2.   <b> 
  3.     <span class='sel_123445454 h1'>small</span> 
  4.   </b> 
  5.   <span class='sel_123445454 h1'> example.</span> 
  6. </p> 

The function will return a jquery object with span tags for class "sel_123445454".

How to Use wrapSelection

Note: This assumes that the CSS class "h1" is already defined.

1. Include the jQuery and wrapSelection to the page.

  1. <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"> </script> 
  2. <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.wrapSelection.js"> </script> 

2. Bind wrapSelection to a mouseup event like the following:

  1. $(document).ready(function(){ 
  2.   $('#container').bind("mouseup"function(){ 
  3.      $().wrapSelection().addClass('h1'); 
  4.   });  
  5. }); 

Restricting Selection to an Element

Change the above code to include a selector. Only include one element, additional elements will fail miserably; So, don't use more than one! 

  1. $('#selectable').wrapSelection().addClass('h1'); 

wrapSelection Options Parameters

There are two optional parameters to wrapSelection, Snap to Word (fitToWord) and Range Object(wrapRange).

Add options using the following syntax.

  1. $().wrapSelection({ 
  2. fitToWord: false
  3. wrapRange: rangeObj 
  4.   }); 

Turning off Snap to word

fitToWord is a boolean indicating if it is on or off. "True" (the default) forces the selection to the whole word. "False" turns off the snap to word functionality.

Range Object

Some cases, you need to store the range object prior to adding a wrapSelection. See $().getRangeAt() function for more information on how to get the range object for wrapSelection to use. One case for this is a floating toolbar that appears after the selection.

By default, "wrapRange" is false and calls getRangeAt() by default. If a range object is passed, it will use that object to create the wrapSelection.

Note when Chaining, selectors do not chain nicely with wrapSelection. For example:

  1. $('#container').bind("mouseup"function(){ 
  2.   $('h3').addClass('header3').wrapSelection().addClass('h1');  
  3. }); 

Binded to the element with an id of container

Selector on all h3's adding a class of 'header3'

wrapSelection() creates xhtml span tags with the class h1 around the selection triggered in the element "container"

The commands to the left of "wrapSelector" is applied to elements found by the h3 selector. All commands to the right of wrapSelector is applied to the span tags that were created.


Returns a custom range object, that wrapSelection can use. It is called in the same manner as wrapSelection, with an element container ["$('#container').getRangeAt()"]or the entire document ["$().getRangeAt()"].

  1. $(document).ready(function(){ 
  2.   $('#container').bind("mouseup"function(){ 
  3.      var myRange = $().getRangeAt(); 
  4.   });  
  5. }); 

Another function can call wrapSelection like this.

  1. $().wrapSelection({wrapRange : myRange}); 




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