Form Example Plugin

Form Example Plugin

Populate form fields with example text that disappears on focus.

Example Usage

Simple usage:

  1. $('input#name').example('Bob Smith'); 

Using a custom class name instead of the default example:

  1. $(':input').example('Fill me in!', {className: 'special_example'}); 

New in 1.3: specifying the example text with a callback:

  1. $('input[@title]').example(function() { 
  2.     return $(this).attr('title'); 
  3. }); 


Supports one option:

className: Sets the class name of the example text for use in a stylesheet (by default it is example).

This plugin is fully compatible with the Metadata plugin, allowing you to set the example text via the example property and the standard className property in elements themselves.

  1. <input type="text" class="{example: 'Name here', className: 'special'}"

Please see README.markdown for further information.

This plugin is compatible with jQuery 1.1 and newer.

Dual-licensed under the BSD and GPL licenses.


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