Zend Studio 7.2.1 for Windows and keygen

Zend Studio是Zend Technologies开发的PHP语言集成开发环境(Integrated Development Environment IDE)。也支持HTML和js标签,但只对PHP语言提供调试支持。因为是同一个公司的产品,所以提供的Zend Framework方面的支持比其他软件好。Zend Studio5.5系列后,官方推出利用了Eclipse平台,基于PDT的Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0,之后的版本也都构建于Eclipse。

Zend Studio是屡获大奖的专业 PHP 集成开发环境,具备功能强大的专业编辑工具和调试工具,支持PHP语法加亮显示,支持语法自动填充功能,支持书签功能,支持语法自动缩排和代码复制功能,内置一个强大的PHP代码调试工具,支持本地和远程两种调试模式,支持多种高级调试功能。

Zend Studio V7.2.1新特性:

Software Updates:

Zend Framework 1.10.6

Resolved Tickets:

Ticket 187947 - The Zend Framework Example project is configured with the correct buildpath entries

Ticket 187838 - If one of the parameters is a function call parameter, the hint tooltip now shows the right hint

Ticket 188440 - The Processing Dirty Regions error is no longer triggered with java.lang.StackOverflowError exception

Ticket 187975 - The Zend Framework Tool no longer fails with the error "No tokenizer support"

Ticket 188418 - In ODBC, db2 related functions are now shown in PHP Language libraries

Ticket 186867 - The Zend Tool error "A project profile was not found" no longer appears

Resolved Bugs:

30047 - In the Registration dialog, the "User Name / " section has been removed, with the "Order #" section remaining in its place

30155 - The Semantic analyzer no longer shows an error/warning for duplicate class constants

30046 - To help troubleshoot Zend Studio issues, you can now add a "showlocation" flag to the ZendStudio.ini (on Windows and Linux)


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