jQuery对话框插件 Impromptu

jQuery对话框插件 Impromptu

jQuery Impromptu 是一个用来显示漂亮的错误提示、警告、信息提示的jQuery对话框插件。可以通过css对对话框的样式进行定制,包括定制对话框的按钮等。

$.prompt("Procede?",{buttons:{'Please Do':'yes','Not Now':'no','Never':'never'}});


  • prefix: a class prefix to associate each prompt with a css class
  • submit: a function to call when prompt has been submitted
  • callback: a function to call when prompt is complete
  • opacity: prefered opacity of the overlay
  • container: jquery selector for the overlay to cover ("div.mydiv")
  • buttons: buttons you would like to display(as many as you like)
  • overlayspeed: speed which the overlay fades in/out
  • promptspeed: speed which the prompt displays
  • show: how to show the prompt(show, fadeIn, slideDown, or your own)


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